Enrique Bedos
Senior Associate
Peru-based. Expert in social risk management, indigenous community development plans, stakeholder engagement, and social audits.

Enrique is an expert in social risk management, indigenous peoples development plans, stakeholder engagement and social audits. He has expertise in corporate alignment on social issues management related to extractive projects and has carried out numerous social audits of extractive and indigenous development projects in the Peruvian Amazon and Highlands. He also has experience in the design and implementation of development projects in indigenous areas of the Amazon.

An agronomist and communicator by training, Enrique has over 30 years’ experience in stakeholder engagement, community development and social risk management. He is a communicator and stakeholder engagement specialist with extensive experience in designing social management systems for mining and oil and gas companies. He has managed numerous SIAs, stakeholder mapping and social risk assessments for development and production projects. He also advises companies on social conflict management and community relations and develops communication and consultation programs for clients.

He has worked as a coordinator for environmental NGOs, a consultant to economic development agencies (including GTZ and USAID), and was a community liaison officer for the Shell-led Camisea gas project in Peru. He has also been a consultant on indigenous peoples’ issues to various groups and was a project manager for a USAID-funded forest management project in Peru. From 2002-2003 he was a consultant to the Camisea consortium gas project and from 2004 – 2015 he was a senior consultant with Social Capital Group. He has worked with Indigenous Peoples in Ecuador and Peru, is a cameraman and has extensive experience as a director of TV documentaries and corporate videos. He is Peruvian and holds degrees in agricultural engineering and telecommunications. He is a native Spanish speaker and speaks fluent English and basic Aguaruna.

Areas of Expertise
  • Social impact assessment and management plans
  • Indigenous peoples’ rights and traditional knowledge
  • Community engagement and consultation
  • Design of social management systems
  • Indigenous peoples’ development plans
  • Due diligence and review of compliance with international standards
  • Project management and team leadership
  • Industry/enterprise analysis and development
  • Influx management