Catherine Brosnan
Senior Advisor
Australia-based. Expert in environmental management, ESIA, environmental and social reporting and environmental and social due diligence.

Catherine has more than 30 years experience in the international oil and gas sector. She has extensive knowledge of social and environmental aspects of project execution for large scale, complex, energy sector projects in developing countries. She specialises in project scoping; impact assessment; risk assessment and mitigation; social management plan development and implementation; field data collection, verification and reporting – internally and externally; and strategic communications management.

Catherine worked for international oil and gas companies such as BP and ARCO, both in the field and at corporate headquarters. In recent years she has worked as a consultant for large energy companies such as ExxonMobil and Glencore. Catherine has an intimate working knowledge and strong technical understanding of exploration, construction and operational phases.

Beyond this, it is her drive for excellence and establishing best-in-class performance that has made the projects she has worked on recognisable amongst peers and stakeholders. Catherine is a strong advocate of advancing national content in projects she has worked on. Most projects she has worked on have been externally financed and require compliance with international lender standards. Catherine holds a MSc. in Natural Resource Studies from the University of Queensland, Australia, and a NSc in Natural Resources from the University of New England, Australia.

Areas of Expertise
  • Social and Environmental Due Diligence
  • ESIA
  • Social and Environmental Management Plan development and implementation
  • Compliance reporting
  • Compliance with IFC PS and Equator Principles
  • Public Environmental and Social Performance Reporting