Stakeholder Engagement

Plexus provides the full range of stakeholder consultation and engagement services, including stakeholder identification, mapping and analysis, preparation of lender-compliant engagement plans (SEP) and strategies (SES), stakeholder databases, and the assessment of stakeholder expectations and positions.

We have extensive experience working with external stakeholders from government and NGOs to indigenous peoples and local communities. We place emphasis on working with local specialists to integrate local knowledge.

Specific services include:

  • Stakeholder engagement plans/strategies
  • Engagement planning, implementation and support
  • Developing engagement and consultation materials
  • Stakeholder analysis and mapping
  • Engagement with Indigenous Peoples
  • Capacity building, mentoring and training
  • Designing engagement to meet free prior informed consent (FPIC)

Representative projects include:

  • SEP – Italy-Tunisia Power Inter-connector, ELMED / World Bank (Italy, Tunisia)
  • IFC-compliant Stakeholder Engagment Plan, Tengizchevroil (Kazakhstan)
  • IFC-compliant Stakeholder Engagment Plan, Banfora Gold (Burkina Faso)