Benchmarking and Assurance

Benchmarking and Assurance

Plexus carries out best practices benchmarking and assurance services. We identify and benchmark international best practices to help improve socio-economic and environmental performance and design project specific guidelines and management standards. We provide clients with assurance that best social and environmental practices are being applied to existing projects and in relation to new ventures, especially in connection with major investment decisions (e.g. FID) or where project finance standards need to be applied. Related services include:

  • Environmental and Social Performance Best Practice Benchmarking
  • Social Safeguards Assurance Services (e.g. in relation to project finance requirements)
  • Issue Management Reviews (e.g. water risk, human rights risk, indigenous peoples)
  • Training and Capacity Building with Stakeholders
  • Development of Bespoke Training Seminars and Workshops
  • Social Investment Reviews

Recent experience includes:

  • Benchmarking of Socio-economic Impact Management and Delivery of Benefits in Newfoundland, Norway, Orkney and Shetland
  • Preparation of a White Paper on Revenue Management in the Petroleum Sector”, public sector client
  • Stakeholder management training (Schlumberger China/Sinopec International)
  • ESIA and stakeholder engagement best practice review (El Paso Energy)
  • Social investment best practice benchmarking (El Paso Energy)

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