Peter Croal

Peter Croal


authority in project and strategic environmental assessment, extractive activities, Indigenous Peoples, community engagement, training and policy development for the Canadian International Development Agency

Key skills/ experience:

  • Project impact assessment 
  • Strategic environmental assessment 
  • Community engagement and consultation 
  • Indigenous Peoples rights and traditional knowledge 
  • Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) application 
  • Environment capacity building 
  • Environmental policy development 
  • International environmental convention application 
  • Extractive sector negotiation 
  • Project management 
  • Multilateral institution negotiations

Peter Croal is a graduate exploration geologist that has acquired over  32 years of international development  experience in environment program management, natural resource development, capacity building, teaching, sustainable development, poverty reduction, and environment governance  through employment with the private sector, Canadian federal government and NGOs, including municipal, local and developing country field experience.

He provides practical and hands-on advice to meet best practice requirements including community engagement, environment assessment, working with Indigenous Peoples and their knowledge systems and environment capacity building related to the extractive sector. His key focus is to ensure extractive sector projects properly involve and respect Indigenous Peoples and local community concerns and rights so that the "social license to operate" can be developed and managed in a respectful, transparent and equitable manner.

Peter works from Ottawa, Canada, and concentrates on extractive sector project development and cross-cultural relationships pertaining to the international Official Development Assistance community, international non-government organisations and Indigenous Peoples  groups. He has a diverse combination of skills and experience gained from Canadian and international projects related to geology, mining, environmental management, aboriginal issues, partnership building, capacity development and governance. He developed, implemented and managed a World Bank supported environmental capacity building program for  the South African Development Community, while based in Namibia, which was awarded "Project of the Year" by the International Association of Public Participation. Peter was recently appointed to McGill University's Leadership Council and has been doing freelance consultancies since his departure from CIDA in June 2013.

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