Oscar Arrieta

Oscar Arrieta


Peruvian lawyer; expert in hydrocarbons and mining law, privatisation and restructuring, energy and mining policy and investment contracts; advisor to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, former senior executive PetroPetro and OLADE

Key skills/ experience:

  • Hydrocarbons and mining law
  • Privatisation and restructuring
  • Negotiating investment contracts
  • Stakeholder consultation

Oscar Arrieta is Plexus’ Lima-based associate. Oscar is an oil and gas lawyer and is specialized in development projects related to foreign and private investments, hydrocarbons, electricity and mining law. He ran his own law practice from 1985 – 2000. He has been a legal advisor to the Peruvian Government in drafting the new Peruvian Hydrocarbons Law; legal advisor to the Minister of Energy and Mines, and member of the Privatization Committees of Perupetro & Minero Peru, and the Restructuring the Ministry of Mines and Energy (1996-2000).

He has also been a legal advisor to and contracts negotiator for private foreign hydrocarbons and mining investors and in related activities. He was the chief legal advisor to E&P and downstream activities to Petroperu (NOC) from 1975-1990 and has been a legal & contractual Advisor to several Peruvian Ministers of Energy and Mines since 1975. He has experience in privatization and restructuring, negotiating and drafting international investment contracts, business law and natural resources and environmental law (including indigenous communities) in Peru and Latin America. 

He was formerly the Energy Integration Director for the Latin American Energy Organisation (OLADE) and prior to this, was closely involved in the negotiations of the Camisea gas project on behalf of the Peruvian government. He has been a consultant to the World Bank, UNDP and the Governments of Bolivia, Honduras and Peru since 1990. He is currently an advisor to numerous oil and gas and mining companies in Peru and Ecuador and has worked as an advisor on numerous projects in West Africa, China and Central America. 

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