Kit Armstrong

Kit Armstrong


expert in strategic management of environmental and biodiversity issues; formerly senior advisor to Board of Chevron on environment, corporate responsibility and legal affairs; formerly executive assistant to the administrator of the EPA, Region 10

Key skills/ experience:

  • Board-level experience in the strategic management of environmental issues 
  • Problem-solving spanning environmental, legal, and reputation issues 
  • Legal and biodiversity advisor
  • Stakeholder relations management
  • Development and implementation of sustainability policies at Board Level
  • Community engagement focused on NGOs, SRI institutions and regulators.

Kit Armstrong has over twenty-six years experience in the oil and gas industry.  From 1981-2007 she worked with Chevron in diverse positions at corporate and operational levels.  These covered a range of functions, including environment, corporate responsibility, law, and relations with government, communities and NGOs.   She has expertise in a wide spectrum of corporate responsibility and sustainable development issues associated with natural resource extraction, reinforced by a deep appreciation of the opportunities and challenges involved for companies and government in addressing those issues in responsible and practical ways.

During her time with Chevron, Kit was active in various international industry associations, including chairing the International Oil and Gas Producers Association’s (OGP) Environmental Quality Committee, and serving on IPIECA’s working groups on strategic issues and biodiversity.  She has presented at numerous conferences, taught internationally recognized courses, and published papers and contributed to books on the subject of environmental issues and the oil and gas industry.  

Prior to Chevron, she spent ten years in various positions at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, including as Executive Assistant to the Administrator of US EPA’s Region 10 covering the far western U.S.. Now an independent consultant based in California, Kit continues to provide support to industry and government working on environmental and social issues. She holds a BA in Political Science/Economics from Smith College and a JD from Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California at Berkeley.  

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