Jaime Mendez

Jaime Mendez


expert in ESIA, social and environmental project management, indigenous peoples and community relations and consultation; formerly social and environment manager, URS Corporation, Bolivia

Key skills/ experience:

  • Socio-environmental impact and risk assessment
  • Social and environmental monitoring project management
  • Indigenous peoples and community relations
  • Stakeholder engagement and social communication plans
  • Public consultation and disclosure programs
  • Socio-economic baselines and analysis
  • Social performance reviews

Jaime is a Senior Social Scientist based in Cochabamba, Bolivia, who was URS Bolivian & Andean Region office Socio-environmental Manager from 1999-2013. Prior to this, he was a socio-economics and environmental consultant at Dames & Moore (1993-1999). He is a professional agricultural engineer and holds a MBA in International Management. His expertise includes project management in areas such as environmental and social impact and risk assessment and due diligence audits; stakeholder engagement, trust building, expectations analysis, public consultation and disclosure programs, and communication plans best practice; management of multidisciplinary social and environmental teams for ESIA and related projects in the up- and downstream oil & gas and mining sectors; and social performance reviews for infrastructure and energy related projects. 

He brings extensive experience in the design and implementation of social mitigation and compensation framework plans, including indigenous peoples development plans and community relations programs following current national legislations and corresponding IFC social and environmental performance standards. He also has expertise in the preparation of comprehensive socio-economic baseline studies including risk perception and threats and opportunities analysis. Jaime has worked with communities and indigenous peoples organizations throughout Latin America, focusing on environmental and social concerns, NGO activism and collaboration, as well as engagement with local, regional and national government and respective regulations, focused on the project’s social licence to operate.

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