David Hanrahan

David Hanrahan


expert in water and wastewater planning, environmental engineering, pollution control and soil clean-up; technical director, Blacksmith Institute; former lead environmental specialist, Environment Department, World Bank

Key skills/ experience:

  • Water and wastewater planning
  • Environmental engineering and economics
  • Equator principles
  • Strategic environmental assessment
  • Pollution control and soil clean-up
  • Solid waste management.

David Hanrahan is a consultant on engineering and environmental issues, focusing particularly on water and urban sectors in developing countries.   He has qualifications and expertise in engineering and economics and has worked for almost 30 years on water and urban issues worldwide, with a strong emphasis on sustainability aspects.  For over a decade, he dealt with policy issues and projects for the World Bank across all of the Bank’s operational regions.  Before that, he had 20 years experience in international consultancy, based in the UK and in Australia.

David worked at the World Bank from 1994 to 2006. For much of this time, he held operational and managerial positions in the Bank’s central Environment Department, where he participated in and led teams on a wide range of analytical work and lending operations across all of the Bank’s regions. From 2003, he was a Lead Environment Specialist for the Bank’s South Asia Region. Specific areas of expertise include: water and wastewater planning and management; pollution control and abatement; solid waste management; and Strategic Environmental Assessment/institutional capacity. He co-authored the Bank’s Pollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook and was a lead consultant in the development of the Equator Principles.

He provides technical advice and manages project reviews for carbon emissions reduction projects, including the development of analytical techniques to estimate performance and understanding of sector trends; provides advice on sustainability issues, relating particularly to water and dams; and, with the Blacksmith Institute (NGO addressing toxic pollution from industrial sites), he provides technical and operational oversight for the Blacksmith Institute’s international program of support to community level pollution remediation projects. David holds a BE (Civil) from University College Cork (Ireland), a MSc in Policy and Technology from MIT (Cambridge, Mass.) and a MSc in Environmental Economics from University College (London).

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