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The Plexus team comprises senior professionals from the oil and gas and mining industry, multilateral financial institutions, government, academia and consultancy. Our advisors have decades each of senior management and operational experience and a track record of delivering innovative, cost-effective and strategic solutions to complex social and environmental issues, thereby supporting our clients business and policy objectives.  


Utilizing a network-based approach, we assemble project teams on a case-by-case basis to suit the requirements of the assignment in question.  This approach ensures that the most experienced individuals work directly with clients on an on-going basis. Depending on the requirements of the project, we also involve outside expertise. Emphasis is placed on local content and partnering with local experts.  This provides clients with essential local knowledge and global assurance.


We deliver competitive advantage through the depth and breadth of experience of our global team. Headquartered in London, our members are based in Canada, Brazil, France, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Peru, the UK and the US. We emphasise collaborative partnerships with our clients based on listening and active engagement. 

Executive Management:

Jay Wagner, founder & director - UK-based

expert in social performance, HSSE due diligence, stakeholder consultation and social risk management; former senior advisor, Pilko Associates; former head of environment, Petroconsultants/IHS; former research associate, NUPI-Oslo

Murray Jones, director - Canada-based

expert in social performance, social risk management, business integration, stakeholder consultation and HSE management; former manager of HSE and of social performance, Shell International

Senior Advisors:

George Joffé, Senior Advisor - UK-based

Middle East and North Africa expert, senior advisory roles on Algeria, Kurdistan and Libya, and expert in geopolitical affairs; research fellow, Centre for International Studies, Cambridge University; former deputy director, Chatham House.

Kit Armstrong - US-based

expert in strategic management of environmental and biodiversity issues; formerly senior advisor to Board of Chevron on environment, corporate responsibility and legal affairs; formerly executive assistant to the administrator of the EPA, Region 10

Peter Burbridge - UK-based

expert in coastal management, spatial and economic planning and environmental management; Professor, Coastal Management, University of Newcastle; senior advisor to EU and IUCN; formerly senior advisor to BP Tangguh LNG project

Robert Priddle - UK-based

expert in international energy relations, energy policy, climate change and intergovernmental and government-industry relations; formerly executive director, International Energy Agency (IEA); formerly director general of energy resources, UK DTI


Carolyn McCommon - UK-based

expert in community engagement, consultation, resettlement, SIA and social performance in the mining sector; formerly Global Community Advisor, Rio Tinto; formerly consultant to USAID and World Bank

Dave Richards - UK-based

expert in biodiversity management, policy development, HSE management in the mining sector and sustainability reporting; formerly chief HSE advisor to Rio Tinto’s Board; former Chief Geologist, RTZ

David Hanrahan - UK-based

expert in water and wastewater planning, environmental engineering, pollution control and soil clean-up; technical director, Blacksmith Institute; former lead environmental specialist, Environment Department, World Bank

David Ord - UK-based

expert in environmental strategy development, environmental management, non technical risk management, climate change, water issue management and consultation; formerly group head of environment, BG Group

Elodie Grant Goodey - UK-based

communications and external affairs specialist; formerly head of societal issues and stakeholder engagement, BP

Izabella Mônica Vieira Teixeira - Brazil-based

expert in EIA and SEA, energy planning, environmental licensing, and policy-making and enforcement; currently on leave as Minister of Environment, Brazil; formerly director of Environmental Quality, Ministry of Environment, Brazil

Jaime Mendez - Bolivia-based

expert in ESIA, social and environmental project management, indigenous peoples and community relations and consultation; formerly social and environment manager, URS Corporation, Bolivia

Janine Elliott - UK-based

expert HSE and sustainability issue management and advocacy, social conflict management, alternative dispute settlement; lawyer and formerly senior legal counsel, Shell International

Joop Marquenie - Netherlands-based

expert in environmental management, ESHIA, consultation and biodiversity and coastal ecosystem management; formerly environment director, NAM; formerly head of ecotoxicology, Rijkswaterstaat, Netherlands

Karen Nash - UK-based

UK-based associate; consultant; formerly research fellow Sustainable Research Centre; advisor on ESIA to Africa Oil Corporation

Koen van Rossum - Canada-based

expert in community engagement, SIA, disaster response, conflict management and GIS; consultant to UN-WHO & World Bank; formerly coordinator of humanitarian affairs, UNDP and Save the Children

Lucy Mitchell - Indonesia-based

expert in social auditing, social analysis and planning, indigenous peoples, stakeholder mapping and consultation and SIA; consultant to UNDP, BP, ADB and USAID

Mike Holgate - UK-based

expert in ESIA, shale gas impact management, renewable energy and carbon management, HSE management systems and stakeholder engagement; formerly head of HSE and sustainable development, AGIP-KCO

Oscar Arrieta - Peru-based

Peruvian lawyer; expert in hydrocarbons and mining law, privatisation and restructuring, energy and mining policy and investment contracts; advisor to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, former senior executive PetroPetro and OLADE

Paul Stevens - UK-based

expert in energy economics, revenue management and resource endowments to foster sustainable development; senior research associate Chatham House, formerly Professor in petroleum economics, University of Dundee

Peter Croal - Canada-based

authority in project and strategic environmental assessment, extractive activities, Indigenous Peoples, community engagement, training and policy development for the Canadian International Development Agency

Susan Dowse - Canada-based

expert in socio-economic impact assessment, scenario planning, stakeholder engagement and indigenous peoples and gender analysis; formerly director, government affairs; & manager, community and aboriginal affairs, Calpine

Tony Mackay - UK-based

petroleum economist; expert in petroleum and mineral economics, economic impact assessment, gas market analysis and energy economics; formerly Professor of Economics, Aberdeen University

Valeria Vinha - Brazil-based

expert in environmental economics, social investment, stakeholder engagement and socio-economic risk assessment; associate professor of economics, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

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