Habitat Health Impact Consulting

Habitat Health Impact Consulting



Habitat Health Impact Consulting is a small and specialized consulting firm offering consulting services in Health Impact Assessment (HIA). HIA examines the potential effects—both beneficial and adverse—of proposed projects and policies on community health outcomes. Habitat have completed HIAs for a wide range of resource development projects including heavy oil, unconventional oil, shale gas (hydraulic fracturing), offshore developments, open pit and underground mining, biomass energy facilities, LNG facilities, linear developments such as pipelines, and sustainable energy projects including wind energy and carbon capture and storage, both across North America and internationally.

Habitat have been commissioned to undertake HIA on behalf of governments, community groups and project proponents and have undertaken HIA both as a stand-alone effort and as part of EIA processes.  In addition to our direct experience in carrying out resource development HIA, Habitat is an internationally-recognized leader in the HIA field and we have been active in pushing for high standards for HIA worldwide.  Habitat has a diverse and solid base of health expertise in epidemiology, clinical medicine and population health.  Habitat is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

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