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Our Experience
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Plexus' guidance is focused on delivering fit-for-purpose social and environmental programmes aimed to guide boards and senior management while delivering solutions at the operating level. Applied early and strategically, this approach minimizes costly delays in project execution, supports the license to operate and protects and enhances reputation. We help our clients address key socio-economic and environmental risks and opportunities throughout the project lifecycle. This includes new projects, existing operations and legacy sites. We work proactively with our clients to improve performance and delivery on the ground. We also work with our clients reactively to respond to stakeholder concerns and criticism.

Plexus provides focused business support helping organisations to achieve their objectives through the effective management of social and environmental risks at project and corporate level. This includes:

  • Issue Identification: Delivering programs to clients to understand and address social and environmental risks and issues through new venture and project due diligence, social performance reviews, consultation programmes, project readiness reviews and assurance services that deliver understanding of non technical risks and the means to build and strengthen the social licence to operate.
  • Risk management: Providing clients with practical support to manage social and environmental risks at corporate and project level including socio-economic impact studies, SIA, social risk management systems, meaningful stakeholder consultation and preparing and implementing polices and guidelines.
  • Applied early and strategically, these approaches minimise costly delays in project execution, support the licence to operate while protecting and enhancing reputation. Our members' expertise and understanding of resource development projects worldwide provide insight into complex policy and technical issues for senior project managers and policy makers alike.

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